Aliexpress Haul “everything under 5 euros”

Hello, My Darlings! How are you all doing? Finally, my orders from Aliexpress are coming in, most of those are Holiday gifts for my friends and family. If you don’t know AliExpress is a popular online store for buying products at much cheaper prices than Amazon and other similar services. Everything is under 5 euros, so very affordable!


Let’s dive into the goodies!

VPB S32 earphones

The best cheap earphones I have ever got! This is my second order from this particular store, so I have already tested those earphones and I can say…those are heavy-duty(I’m not gentle with my earphones, so I change them regularly), and the sound is pretty good. In this order, I got one pair for myself as a backup and one for my brother as a stocking stuffer. The shipping was super fast too, A little over a week to Latvia.

Men’s Autumn Summer Socks 

Another stocking stuffer for my brother. I know it wasn’t intentional, but the little color stripe looks like a Latvian flag. That’s the main reason why I got this pair, and the price was amazing(around 0.80 euro). Quality is pretty good, definitely stretchy cotton. Would recommend!

Cotton Christmas Socks

Aren’t those cute?! Super affordable and super cute. To be honest, I got the cheaper Santa socks, but they send me those …I’m not mad about it. Shipping was fast, the quality is okay. I paid 0.56 euro.

925 Sterling Silver Leaves Long Tassels Earrings

This is a gift for my mom. She loves silver jewelry, and those looked like something she will enjoy. It was an 11.11 deal and I paid around 1.33 euro I think. The quality is amazing and it came with a pouch and a cloth to polish earrings. Very happy with the purchase. The shipping was a little over two weeks to Latvia from China.



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Tell me in the comments, Have you ever got anything from Aliexpress?

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My Christmas Wishlist

Hello My Darlings and Hey if you are new here, it’s so nice to see you on my blog! Christmas is coming and I’m so excited to celebrate with my family, watch lots of Christmas movies, stuff my face with traditional Christmas/New year dishes and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year! Today I want to talk about gifts, to be exact my wishlists for the Holidays. Let’s dive into it!




  1. Avon Far Away Glamour set
  2. Sinsay Gold photo frame   
  3. Sinsay Warm sweater with high collar and Norwegian pattern
  4. FROZEN 2 deluxe Anna doll

  5. Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick


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Tell me in the comments, What is in your holiday wishlist this year?

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Gift Ideas for Christians

Photo by on Unsplash

Hello My Darlings!And hey if you are new here, it’s so nice to see you on my blog. Today I’m doing something a little bit different. If you don’t know I’m a Christian and most of my family is too, and that’s why I’m looking for “Christian” or “faith” centered gifts for Christmas this year. So I decided to share some interesting ones I have found! Maybe you are looking for a gift for your Christian friends, family member or neighbors, and those Gift Ideas could be helpful for you. Let’s dive into it!


Etsy Gift Ideas Under 15 euros 


1.POWERED by COFFEE and JESUS Christian Coffe mug

This is so cute! If you have someone who loves Coffee and Jesus this is a perfect gift for them. I love things like those , they are practical but still with a message in mind.

2.Bookmark, double-sided, Old and New Testament, books of the Bible

Bookmarks, let’s be real if you read you always need one (or two, or like ten…don’t judge). And those ones with Bible books on them are really cute and practical for bible study. The font it classical and would make a great gift for any Christian.

3.Tote Bag, A Light Unto My Path

Who doesn’t love tote bags?! No one! So why not gift one with a bible verse on it? Great gift for any Christian.

4.2020 Christian Colouring Calendar

This could be a nice gift for a family to color in together. 12 beautiful illustrations and bible verses for the whole year! And it’s hand-made, that’s pretty great too.

Under 2 euros

Gift ideas aliexpress

1.Bible Quote Faith Keychain

This is such a cute little keychain to gift to your bible study group, friends and/or family. It’s now €1.80 for one, but on 11.11(the big Aliexpress sale)it will be € 0,68 so definitely worth checking out!

2.Mini HOLY Bible Keychain

I have this one(you can read about it here) and it’s even better in person! Totaly getting this one for my friend for Christmas. Would recommend!

3.Phone Case For iPhone 

Elegant black phone case with a twist. I love the “Let your faith be bigger than fear” quote on one of them, it’s such a beautiful everyday remainder. Great and affordable gift!

4.Cross Leather Bracelet

This would be a great gift for any Christian man in your life! For € 0,73 and on 11.11 it will be even cheaper € 0,57! It’s a definite win in my mind. I already have a friend who would love to get it for Christmas.

Study/Prayer Journals

Study prayer


This one is such a great idea! I never know I needed it, but I need! A place to write all your prayers and when God answered them…that’s genial! Great gift for any Christians, will try to find one in Ukrainian for my aunt.

2.In Everything Give Thanks Study Journal

It’s a study journal for bible study centered around giving thanks and living with a thankful heart. That’s what I’m trying to do right now(living with a thankful mindset) so I found this study to be such a great idea. An amazing gift for Christmas!

3.Fear & Anxiety Study Journal for Women

Another thing I’m (and a lot of us ) are struggling with Fear & Anxiety, this bible study will help you find peace. It would be a nice gift for any woman in your life!

Disclaimer: If those feelings don’t let you live a normal and healthy life definitely talk with your doctor about it!

4.Amen: From Eden to Eternity (men version)

Amen: From Eden to Eternity(women edition)

This has a women version and a man one, so you can do it as a couple. Amen: From Eden to Eternity is a study on the story of Scripture. This 5-week study is designed to teach the big-picture story of the Bible and show how every part of Scripture points to Jesus. It’s such a beautiful bible study, would be very grateful to get it as a Christmas gift!


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Hope you found this helpful! 

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Gift Ideas for Tea lovers

Hello, My Darlings! It’s November, And that means the most wonderful time of the year (also known as Christmas) is coming fast(I’m so ready!). I’m already thinking about gifts, what to give each of my friends and family members(and I can say that’s hard). Most of my friends are big tea lovers, so I always put something related to tea in Christmas gifts . That’s the reason I decided to share with you some interesting gifts for tea lovers! Let’s dive into it!

gift ideas
Under 2 euros

Amazing and affordable little gifts to put in a bigger gift or just to give with some loose tea. Any tea lover would love to get those for Christmas!

tea stuff

1.Pug In A Mug Silicone Tea Infuser

Aren’t those adorable?! Cute Pug Tea Infuser? Yes please ,give me 10!

2. Green Tea Strainer

This has an interesting strainer, you can use it like an Infuser and/or a strainer. Great find under 2 euros, will definitely get some for my friends.

3.Teabags 5.5cmx7cm 100pcs

This is a must for any tea lover! Teabags to put your loose tea, such a simple but genial idea. I have those and I always repurchase them. You never know that you need those, but after getting them and using you can’t imagine your life without those teabags.

Tea Subscription Boxes

Getting new interesting tea on your doorstep every month? This sounds like a dream! I really didn’t know this was a thing but after some googling, I found some interesting subscription boxes I would love to give and get for Christmas(Hint, Hint)

sub boxes

1.Dollar tea Club

For $1.00-Explore 3 new blends every month, you’ll receive: monthly samples(2-3 cups each)

Price: Starts from $1.00(you can add 3 honey sticks for $1.95)

Shipping: Currently ship to the United States and Canada. $4.50 flat rate for shipping tea boxes anywhere in the US or Canada.

2.Tomotcha: Japanese tea subscription 

What will you get?Each month we ship between 40 and 60 grams of a distinctive Japanese tea, enough for about 35 teacups of 60ml (2oz).

Most of the teas we select are loose leaf green teas (sencha, gyokuro, tamaryokucha…), sometimes roasted (hōjicha, hōjibancha…), with something completely different every now and then (sakura ryokucha, zaracha…).

We send just one kind of tea every month: the whole concept of Tomotcha is to take the time to discover Japanese teas, one flavor at a time!

Price: For One Month 18 or a Gift for 3 Months 54

Shipping: Free Shipping Worldwide


What will you get?

  • 3 unique teas (about 10g each = 3 to 4 cups per tea) – Even some top-secret teas from the Savoy Tea Lab!
  • Tea Taster Notes – Become a Tea Expert!
  • Savoy Tea Sticker – Wondrous new design every month!
  • Auto-magically Entered to Win Monthly Prizes! – Find the Golden Sticker (yes, an actual golden sticker) in your Club Pack and you win!
  • Exclusive Discount Codes! – You’re in the club. You’re one of us! Those outsiders don’t get snappy codes like we do!

Price: $12.95 a month

Shipping: Free Shipping in Continental America 

Books to Gift

books for tea lovers

1.A Brief History of Tea : Addiction, Exploitation, and Empire by Roy Moxham

As a fellow tea lover, the tea industry is fascinating for me! In this book, you can dive into all the nity gritty tea history and industry as a whole.

2. Homegrown Tea by Cassie Liversidge

Want to start a Tea garden? Here is a beautifully illustrated guide on how to do it! Beautiful gift to any tea lover out there.

3.No Good Tea Goes Unpunished by Bree Baker

Who doesn’t love to read and drink some tea while reading? I definitely do !So why not read a cozy detective about tea, when you are drinking tea?


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Tell me in the comments,What’s your favorite tea flavor? Or are you more a coffee kind of person?

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*Gift Guide for Him*-Blogmas day 12

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

anigif_sub-buzz-10208-1482681237-1Hello, my lovely people! It’s Blogmas day 12, just 12 days till Christmas! Can you imagine it? If you still are looking for a gift for your brother/boyfriend/friend or a family member then here are some ideas/ inspiration what to get!

Let’s start!

FontCandy (23)

  1. Winter Beanie
  2. backpack 

  3. Bow tie and handkerchief

  4. Batman slippers 
  5. Scented candle in glass holder

  6. men’s t-shirt with dabbing Santa
  7. Mug with Skull and Mug with Santa


Tell me in the comment, Are you ready for Christmas?

That’s it from me 

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*Gift Guide for Her*-Blogmas day 11

tenor (11)

Hello my darlings, How are you all doing? It’s Blogmas day 11. I can’t believe we already here and Christmas is just around the corner . If you still don’t know what to give your friends/Family or significant other here are some ideas . Hope you will get inspired by it. Everything here is under 20 euros. Let’s start!


Gift Guide for Her 2018!

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1.If you want to give something cheeky: Christmas Underwear Santa Squad or HO HO NO 

2.For the Friend who travels a lot: Mickey Mouse Passport cap and luggage etiquette

3. You can never go wrong with Candles :Boxed 4-pack scented candles

4.For the Fashionista in your life : Backpack with flower embroidery

5.A very festive Jumper: Knitted jumper TREAT YOUR ELF

6.Affordable set for cozy Winter evenings :Sleeping mask and slippers set


Tell me in the comments, Have you already got all your Holiday shopping done?

That’s it from me 

Till next time

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December Recap and 300 followers!

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Hello World!Finally, all the Christmas and New year celebration are over for me(My family celebrate two Christmas eves, one by the new style on 24th December and other on the 7th January by the old style ).All the Christmas food is gone,so finally, I can sit down and write all the cool stuff that I did last month!But First I want to thank you for 300 followers!!!!!!!!!I just can’t believe it!Thank you so much !!!!It’s so amazing to know that someone is reading all the blabbering I write, feeling blessed…tenor (1)


What did I do in December?

BeFunky CollageMy December was…busy. It all started with Ukrainian students coming (on the 6th of December)here from Ternopol economical University for a learning trip that our organization hosted. How

Me looking all tired and cold at the Christmas Fair!

always I was the one going around with them and being the “unofficial” translator.One of the coolest meetings we had was with Meeting with the Minister of Justice of Latvia Dzintars Rasnach.

Another big thing was the dance studios ‘Tornado” from Kharkiv, Ukraine concert at the main Christmas fair in Riga, also hosted by us(So you can guess how much work I had)

Yummy food at the Tallin bus station

After it, we did go to Tallin(Estonia) and after that to Helsinki(Finland) with the dance studio and was back on the Christmas Eve Day. I was so surprised how warm it was like it should be that warm around here in December.



Of course, at the end of the month, we did gift exchange with my Lovely girls Alina and Agness

That’s basically it what I had going on last month.Hope you all had a great December and have eaten lots of yummy food for weeks to come.

Tell me in the comments, What was the coolest thing you did last December?

That’s it from me

Till next time

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Gift Ideas For Him!

Happy dancing!

Hello, world! I hope you all are having a great day. Today I want to talk about gifts for your boyfriends/brothers/fathers or just simple guy friends.I will tell you the truth, the most difficult person to buy a present is my brother(seriously I never know what to get him). So I found some pretty cool and interesting gifts I wanted to share, maybe you will get inspired. Let’s start!



Boyue Bros. Anti Theft Backpack

I think this backpack is really cool. The design is very unique, it waterproof, has a lot of space and pockets inside. I like the “anti-theft” thing.Overall a great bag for traveling or school.


LAORENTOU Genuine Leather Wallet

Everyone needs a wallet. I don’t know what about men’s and leather wallets, but everyone that I know has one or want one, so why not to get them one as a Christmas gift?I really like how this wallet looks and the price is great.Double win for me.

christmas sweaters

Christmas Deer knitted Couples Sweater

This is more a gift for your better half.Chrismas is a beautiful and cold time, so why not to get matching sweaters for the perfect Holiday Instagram selfie?It will look so adorable and with such “not in your face ” holiday print you can easily wear it all the time.

Star Wars T-Shirt

Game of Thrones T-Shirt

T-shirts with favorite Tv show/movie/video game is always a great gift for someone who has a deep passion for the particular thing.


Tell me in the comments, What are you getting for the men in your life?

That’s it from me

Till next time 


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Practical Gifts For Bloggers

tenorHello, my Lovelies!Hope you are having a great week. I can’t believe it’s December already, and today we are opening the first door on our advent calendars. Time does fly, right? Today I want to talk about gifts for the blogger in your life(or yourself).We all know that making the best content possible is hard, so I found some very useful(and affordable ) things to make this task a little easier.

Let’s start

Mini Folding Studio

Product description-★ Features 
* Built-in Velcro, easy to setup 
* LED Light powered via a USB Cable 
* Super bright led beads, provide soft & average light 
* Four backdrops(white, black, blue & green)provided, well meet your needs 
* Portable design, easy to store and carry, ideal for you to shoot high 
quality picture for small products

This is a pretty cool and handy thing to have around to take pictures of small products for your blog or Instagram. I really like how compact it is , and the light strip is just perfect for bright and high-quality pictures. Think I will get this “studio” for myself, so look out for a review!


WILTEEXS 36 LED Portable Clip-on Selfie ring 

Product description: It is convenient to use. You can clip it anywhere.
3 BRIGHTNESS LEVELS: Take selfies anywhere, dark nightclubs, Parties, Camping etc. 
With this selfie Ring Light, we will never have to worry the dark environment again. 
With 3 different levels of brightness, you'll find the perfect lighting needed for your photos.3
6 LONG LASTING LED BULBS: Provides supplemental or side lighting for photography whenever you have low light conditions.
It also helps you to get higher quality pictures and videos when natural light is not available.
Another pretty handy thing to have around when you are taking selfies. I have seen this selfie ring on Instagram a lot, so finding it for such affordable price on Aliexpress is very amazing.A great and affordable gift for the selfie queen or king in your life.

Bluetooth selfie stick and tripod By Benro

Product Description: This selfie stick and tripod combination are specially designed for smartphone or GoPro video, still, time-lapse, or long-exposure photography.
Key features: Selfie stick
Tabletop tripod
Bluetooth remote
90-degree vertical rotation
95 % compatibility
Adjustable height or length from 180 to 850 mm

Quiet multifunctional product I would say. Lots of possibilities to use it and very handy for any blogger or vlogger out there.Can be used as a selfie stick or a tripod , very cool!



Cute Cartoon Molang Rabbit Journal  2018 

High-quality soft leather cover (removable), feel comfortable, but also waterproof dirt yo.Open the front cover has a small pocket size is about 6.5 * 8cm, you can put some small things, transportation cards are more than enough to go down it ~Open the back cover, has a plastic cover that can be inserted into the pen, and at any time convenient to write.Inside there are two sides in January 2017 to December 2018 calendar.A title page, the last page, a two-year program in different formats, 76-month plan, The remaining 34 horizontal stripes classic plaid, plaid and small squares page blank page, a total of 114.Schedule The dimensions of about 12.2 * 17.3 (cm), is A5,32K size, a thickness of about 1.4cm.
White, pink, blue and green, three-color choice.

Weight: 220g
Page:about 100 sheets (200 pages)

I think everyone needs a journal for the new year, especialy bloggers.All those ideas for new post/video plans or maybe meetings and collabs need to be written somewhere down and a journal/planner is great for that. So if you are not sure about what to get your blogger friend, a planner is a great gift!


Tell me in the comments, What do you think would make a great gift for a blogger?

That’s it from me 

Till next time 

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