I got “Oriflame “Love Nature” with Organic Tea Tree and Lime” line for Christmas

Hello, My Darlings! So for Christmas, my dear friend Alina got me this Oriflame “Love Nature” set. She knows I love the gel wash and the scrub(I have already talked about some products I have already tried here) that’s why Alina got me the whole line as a gift.

I’m so excited, I have already tried most of the products(for like 2 weeks)

Here are my thoughts!

Purifying Gel Wash with Organic Tea Tree & Lime

About the product :

Formulated without parabens and featuring organic Tea Tree essential oil and super ingredient Lime, this light-foaming floral-citrus scented gel wash works to instantly purify the skin while removing make-up, impurities, excess sebum, and oil.
Blemish-prone skin? Never fear, it also contains salicylic acid to help target blemishes. It’s also dermatologically-tested and non-comedogenic.
And on top of doing your skin a favor, you’ll be helping Mother Nature because its formulation is silicone-free and biodegradable!

My thoughts :

One of my favorite face wash EVER. I love how good it cleans my face , it gives a light cooling effect I totally adore. My oily skin loves it!

Mattifying Face Lotion with Organic Tea Tree & Lime

About the product:

Created using organic Tea Tree essential oil and super ingredient Lime, it’s a match made in heaven for oily skin. Designed for day and night use, it helps to deliver lightweight hydration and works to leave skin perfectly mattified, purified, and shine-free, while controlling excess sebum and oil. It even contains salicylic acid to target blemish-prone skin.

And, as you’d expect, it’s dermatologically-tested, non-comedogenic, paraben-free and finished with a beautifully uplifting floral-citrus scent.

My thoughts :

The first time using this face cream I didn’t like it , it felt too oily at that moment. But after a week of using it…I really like it. For now, my skin likes it, no new acne and that’s amazing. My boyfriend did try it too and he liked it , so it’s BF approved.

Purifying 2-in-1 Mask & Scrub with Organic Tea Tree & Lime

About the product:

Designed as a convenient multi-purpose mask and scrub, it’s infused with all the goodness of organic Tea Tree essential oil and super ingredient Lime, making it the go-to solution for a deep and meaningful cleanse. But it won’t stop there… It also works to exfoliate your skin, helps to minimize the appearance of pores, and even contains salicylic acid to target blemish-prone skin.

More good news is, it’s alcohol and paraben-free and dermatologically tested – not to mention kind to the planet because the formulation uses only natural-origin exfoliating particles and is biodegradable and silicone-free!

My thoughts :

I like this one, it’s pretty good for everyday use. Very gentle scrub, but still gets the job done. The mask gives this cooling feeling (just like the gel), which helps with acne.

Purifying Face Oil with Organic Tea Tree & Lime

About the product :

Infused with lush organic antibacterial Tea Tree essential oil and super ingredient Lime, together with salicylic acid, Love Nature Tea Tree & Lime Purifying Oil targets blemishes by helping to purify and soothe the affected area while working to tone and tighten pores.

Fresh on application, with a wonderfully light after-feel and an uplifting floral-citrus scent, the formulation is also paraben-free and dermatologically tested.

My thoughts :

This was a miss, not my favorite product. Didn’t work for me.More about why and how you can read here (Oriflame LOVE NATURE Purifying Face Oil with Organic Tea Tree & Lime- First Impression)

Purifying Toner with Organic Tea Tree & Lime

About the product : 

Featuring organic Tea Tree essential oil and super ingredient Lime, it’s designed to remove those last traces of make-up and impurities and leave skin perfectly cleansed, toned and purified. It’ll also work to minimise the appearance of pores and even contains salicylic acid to help control blemish-prone skin.

You’ll also be pleased to hear it’s dermatologically-tested and non-comedogenic. And – as a parting kiss from Mother Nature – it’ll leave your skin with a delicate floral citrus scent. That’s purifying bliss in a bottle!

My thoughts :

This is a hit and miss for me. I like it, but it does leave my skin sticky. Doesn’t break me out, the scent is light. One of the main ingredients is Alcohol, so if you are sensitive to it, this is not for you.



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Tell me in the comments, What did you get for Christmas?

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November Favorites!

Photo by Keilidh Ewan on Unsplash


Hey guys!Hope you all are having a great day. Another door is opened on our advent calendar …that means we are closer and closer to Christmas!!!Can you feel the holidays coming ?!Ah, I can’t wait.Today I want to talk about my favorite things this November. November was a cold and a little depressing month for me, but at the same time, it was a pretty patriotic and hopefull time (we celebrated Latvian’s independence day in November ).Okay, Let’s start with the fun stuff!

Favorite beauty products



Acnacid 2 in 1 face cream

My face is going crazy(breakouts, dry patches, redness) this past month and this face cream helped with some of the problems.It’s not drying, but doesn’t make my face oily, I really recommend if you have an oily face, but are experiencing dry patches time to time.It’s a great face cream for the price.



RL de Young power hardener

Guys, you can’t imagine how many bad reviews I have read about this nail polish. It’s mind-blowing for me because I like it even more than my favorite essence XXL nail thickener.

Dzintars-Kredo lux Lipstick in the color T76

I love it..I simply love this lipstick!It’s just perfect, creamy and the color is just amazing and looks good on me!

Favorite Tv show


Created by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman for CBS All Access, the story of “Star Trek: Discovery” begins roughly a decade before Captain Kirk’s five-year mission — as portrayed in the original “Star Trek” from the 1960s — and a century before the events of “Star Trek: Enterprise.” The series follows the crew of the USS Discovery as they encounter new worlds and civilizations, delving into familiar themes and expanding upon an incident that has been talked about within the franchise’s universe, but never fully explored


Favorite book


Surprise Package: A Bad Boy Christmas Romance

by Kira Blakely

She needs a fiancé for Christmas, so I’ll pretend.
Hard not to when a gorgeous virgin walks into your strip club.
She’s thinks this is an escort service, and that I’m for hire.
Man is she in the wrong place.

Blair is everything I’m not.
Loving. Gentle. Family girl.
I’m rude, arrogant, and do what the fu@k I want.
Right now, I want her.
So, I’ll play the good fiancé.
Tell the family all the right things.
Kiss her in all the right ways.
And when we’re alone?
I’ll claim that sweet innocence.
Make her soul mine and her body tremble.
I don’t want it to end.
And I damn sure didn’t expect to feel this way.
After this, she’ll have more than just memories.
I have a special gift in mind.

All Kira Blakely novels include alphas who know what they want and know how to treat a lady. This is a full length standalone steamy Christmas romance novel. No cheating, no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed happily ever after. 

Favorite Song


Tell me in the comments, What are your favorites this November?

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MEIKING Face Mask review

I have a confession to make…I’m Aliexpress addict. It’s my favorite online store and I just love it. So today I want to talk about this face mask I got from there –MEIKING Face Mask . 

The manufacturer promises :Main effects-Natural radix lithospermi, radix sophorae flavescent extract, eliminate pimples and remove blackheads, shrink pores and reduce excretion of oil and grease, accelerate self-repair ability of skin, promote skin to gain rebirth.

My Thoughts:




I like it.It’s not too runny, easy to apply, lasts forEVER.The only two things I don’t like are when you first apply it will burn a little(because of the ginger in the mask) and it doesn’t dry on your skin and I don’t like it.

The quality of my skin after use: 3,5/5

3 5

I did see that my skin looks better after using this mask.My skin and acne are not as red as they were,but…that’s it.It did not help me with my acne or blackheads at all, and for my skin, it’s too moisturizing.I need something more oil controlling.

Overall: 3,5/5 stars

3 5

I do like it as a once/twice a month treatment, or when I have some dry patches (Usually in winter). But not for every week use. And I do think it was too pricey. Will I repurchase it? No, but I’m glad I have tried it.



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Bioderma: Sebium Hydra Moisturising Compensating Care cream Review

My skin is oily and acne prone, the whole package in other words.Out of despair, because my old face cream made things worse, I got to Pharmacy and said to the lady there “Give me something that will help all of this!” pointing at my face.And She gave me this one.I’m using it for almost 3 months (and it’s still pretty full ) and can say it did make my face better.

So let’s start with the review (You can find more about it here)

The manufacturer promises: 

  • All skin, including oily skin, needs to be moisturised, since it can temporarily be dried and/or irritated (specific treatments, external stress, etc.). Sébium Hydra is specifically formulated to biologically offset these short-term imbalances.
  • The moisturising (glycerine) and restructuring (ceramides) agents in Sébium Hydra combat desquamation and sensations of tightness.
  • Powerful soothing agents (enoxolone, allantoin) reduce redness and soothe the skin.
  • The D.A.F. (Dermatological Advanced Formulation) patented natural complex increases the skin’s tolerance threshold.
  • Sébium Hydra also contains the Fluidactiv exclusive patented complex which biologically regulates sebum quality, keeping pores from becoming clogged and limiting the formation of blemishes.

My Thoughts:

Consistency: 3/5 stars

stars 3 5

It’s very creamy and rich.Really I wouldn’t expect that from this kind of cream, but surprisingly if you put just a little bit on your face, it’s just the right amount of moisture for your oily skin after the harsh cleanser. So you ask, why then not 5 stars if it’s so good?!Well, it’s easy to go overboard with this cream and make your skin more oily then it already is.



Absorbed into the skin: 4/5 stars


Really well.Doesn’t leaves a sticky feeling if you put a little amount.

in skin cream

The quality of my skin after use: 3,5/5 stars


It did get better but not perfect .If you use this cream with anything other than Bioderma sebium gel moussant  your face WILL get really oily (I tried with 2 other faces washes, it doesn’t work)

Overall:3,5/5 stars

stars 3 5

Will I repurchase this cream?Yes, I did like it and it’s perfect under foundation.Yes, it’s a little pricey but I think it’s worth it!

Tell me in comments Do you have a favorite face cream and why it’s your favorite?

Till next time

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