June Favorites(2019 edition)

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Hello, My Darlings! How are you all doing? How was your June? For me, it was a very interesting one. Half of the month I felt like I was in the twilight zone, and my friends and family felt the same way. I don’t know what was going on, but I can say it was crazy. In June it was hella hot in Latvia(very unusual), but I still haven’t opened the swimming season (hope to do that in July). But I did try a lot of new things in June(Like making stuffed bell peppers or cutting my brothers hair). Overall it was an okay month. Let’s dive into the Favorites!





I have already mentioned this here(I talk about this product in details). And can say still enjoy it very much. It’s such a great and affordable product. Great find!


book coverThe Moth and the Flame

(When Rivals Play #2) by B.B. Reid


Here lies Louchana Valentine. She was a homeless, orphaned virgin.

I never cared what my gravestone would say until I landed in deep with a powerful gangster. Lucky for me, my best friend happens to be ruthless too. I should feel guilty that he’s forced to turn on the man who’s been a father to him. Except I’ve always known that Wren’s soul wasn’t as black as he claimed.

He was good.
He was beautiful.
He was mine.
He just didn’t know it yet.

And with Wren keeping me safe, I’ve got time left to rewrite the end of my story. But if he has his way, virgin is already carved in stone.


I’ve never known anyone as alluring as Lou. Or as frustrating. Since the night she saved my life and stole my wallet for her troubles, I couldn’t stay away.

She became my onus.
My light.

With nowhere to run, I’m forced to trust someone I never expected. At least with Lou safe in Blackwood Keep—far away from me—I’ll die with my conscience intact. Because she no longer looks at me with friendship in her eyes. Those iridescent blues shine with a different need entirely, and I’ve never been able to deny her.

The Moth and the Flame returns to the world of Blackwood Keep, rival gangs, and deliciously flawed yet completely addicting characters! This second installment in the When Rivals Play series is a continuation of the events that occurred in The Peer and the Puppet. Content suitable for ages 18+


I love Time Traveling Tvshows and movies(Like Doctor who, Travelers)! And this is one of the best shows on time travel I have ever seen. It’s amazing and James Franco did a great job on this! Definitely, recommend.


Jake Epping (James Franco), a recently divorced English teacher from Lisbon, Maine, is presented with the chance to travel back in time to 1960 by his long-time friend Al Templeton (Chris Cooper). He is persuaded into going in an attempt to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22nd, 1963; however, he becomes attached to the life he makes in the past, which could be the mission’s undoing. He must find a way to secretly gather information about people and events leading up to the assassination while also creating and maintaining a new life to avoid suspicion.


Tell me in the Comments, What’s was your favorite Tv Show in June? I would love to know 

That’s it from me 

Till Next time 

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June Favorites

June was a hard month for me, lots of life changing stuff happened.But hey it did end, so YEY for that  !!!Yey

So this month I haven’t had that much Favorites sad…sad…. But I still have some pretty cool stuff to talk about.Let’s start!

Favorite makeup/skincare:

baby lipsBaby Lips Moisturizing Lip Gloss

It’s tastes so yummy!!!!I love it sooo much!!!And it’s so shineee

nivea soft

Nivea Soft Cream 

My skin is weird, my face is oily but my body is dry …Like seriously ?!So with my dry skin problem, this cream really helps and it lasts FOREVER!(and smells good too)


Boku Unmei no Hito

Favorite TV SHOW: Boku Unmei No Hito

So I was browsing DramaCool for a new drama to watch and saw this one.In the picture for the drama, you could just see the one guy with the red ribbon around him.So I was like-Okay, I haven’t watched a Japanese dorama in a really long time , why not to check this one out.I started to watching it and was like “O THATS Kazuya From KAT-TUN! OMG!!!!”I couldn’t believe my eyes, He did change a lot from what I remember him.So when I saw on my PC screen Yamapi (My ultimate childhood/preteen bias)  …I WAS DEAD!!7200487

All my childhood FanGirl Feelings just came back.Seeing them both on the screen was such a throwback moment.So you can understand why I was kind of obsessed with this one in June.

gdragon bullshit

Favorite song: GDragon Bullshit

Gdragon in June came out with a new album “Untitled” and this is my favorite song from the album…seriously it was on repeat for me.

Tell me what is was your favorites this June?

That’s it from me, Till Next Time 🙂

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