I watched “I Love Lucy” first season and it was AMAZING!

About the TV-Show

Cbs No GIF by Paramount+ - Find & Share on GIPHYI Love Lucy is an American television sitcom that originally aired on CBS from October 15, 1951, to May 6, 1957, with a total of 180 half-hour episodes spanning six seasons. The show starred Lucille Ball, 171 I Love Lucy Gifs - Gif Abyssher then real-life husband Desi ArnazVivian Vance, and William Frawley. It followed the life of Lucy Ricardo (Ball), a young middle-class housewife in New York City, who either concocted plans with her best friends Ethel and Fred Mertz (Vance and Frawley) to appear alongside her bandleader husband Ricky Ricardo (Arnaz) in his nightclub, or tried numerous schemes to mingle with, or be a part of show business. New trending GIF tagged eating i love lucy… | Trending GifsAfter the series ended in 1957, a modified version continued for three more seasons with 13 one-hour specials; it ran from 1957 to 1960. It was first known as The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show and later in reruns as The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour.I Love Lucy became the most-watched show in the United States in four of its six seasons, and it was the first to end its run at the top of the Nielsen ratings (an accomplishment later matched only by The Andy Griffith Show in 1968 and Seinfeld in 1998).


Another vintage Tv Show I am putting on my Favorites List! This is such a classic and I haven’t seen it, being that I’m from Europe. So now Thanks to technology I could watch it and It was amazing. I can totally see why it was (and still is) so popular. It’s easy to watch, funny, and has such a lovable cast. My concern with any old ‘classic” is …How racist and sexist it really is? And I can say it wasn’t that bad(just by watching the first season, can’t comment on the others yet). Yes, it has a big emphasis on the “women place” at home and “men’s place” at the workplace. But taking into the account the year and what was “expected” from people and families in particular at that time,I can’t really criticize. So overall I’m very happy with this TV show, it’s perfect for casual watching when you cook or clean. (And my boyfriend’s parrots love the opening)


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Tell me in the comments, Have you seen it?Did you like it?

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The First Zombie Movie I liked!-#ALIVE movie review

About the Movie:

Alive (2020) - IMDb

A city is infected by a mysterious virus, which causes the city to spiral out of control. Joon-Woo (Yoo Ah-In) and Yoo-Bin (Park Shin-Hye) struggle to survive in an isolated apartment complex from those infected with the virus. Everything including the internet, phone, and electricity has been disconnected around the apartment.

  • Hangul: #살아있다
  • Director: Jo Il-Hyeong
  • Writer: Matt Naylor, Jo Il-Hyeong
  • Producer: Oh Hyo-Jin, Lee Yoo-Jin, Kim Sae-Mi
  • Cinematographer: Son Won-Ho
  • Release Date: June 24, 2020
  • Runtime: 98 min.
  • Genre: Zombie
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


ALIVE 2020 Tumblr posts - Tumbral.comWOW! I’m impressed! The first zombie movie I actually enjoyed. Let’s start from the beginning … So on one of our date nights my boyfriend was browsing Netflix for something to watch together, and he found this one. I wasn’t really excited…because of zombies(I hate Zombies with a passion), but when I saw the actors…alive (2020) | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | TumgirI knew we NEED to watch it. I loved Yoo Ah-In in Chicago Typewriter and the darling Park Shin-Hye (she was in kdramas like –Pinocchio , Flower Boy Next Door, Heartstrings) is my favorite actress EVER! And guys…THIS WAS AMAZING. Truly! The story was very interesting, and it had a unique thing- most of the “action” happens in an apartment complex. Was it gory? Yes! Was it overall gory? Yes and No! Like, it was bearable even for me a person who gets scared pretty easily. Overall I would recommend for you to check it out.


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Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake (Love By Numbers #1) by Sarah MacLean -book review


6584134A lady does not smoke cheroot. She does not ride astride. She does not fence or attend duels. She does not fire a pistol, and she never gambles at a gentlemen’s club.

Lady Calpurnia Hartwell has always followed the rules, rules that have left her unmarried—and more than a little unsatisfied. And so she’s vowed to break the rules and live the life of pleasure she’s been missing.

But to dance every dance, to steal a midnight kiss—to do those things, Callie will need a willing partner. Someone who knows everything about rule-breaking. Someone like Gabriel St. John, the Marquess of Ralston—charming and devastatingly handsome, his wicked reputation matched only by his sinful smile.

If she’s not careful, she’ll break the most important rule of all—the one that says that pleasure-seekers should never fall hopelessly, desperately in love.


The story– 4/5

Setting of the book– 3,8/5

Smexy Times?– YES


My first historical romance of the year! And it was pretty good...long, but good(and very quotable ) I read it in one sitting. The story was interesting, I liked Callie and Gabriel together (they did have amazing chemistry, so well done). Some parts did feel a little forced, but it didn’t spoil the story. Overall would recommend it if you love historical steamy romance.


”Of course, one might argue that lurking in the darkness isn’t exactly ladylike.”
“Ah. There you have it wrong. I am not lurking in the darkness. I am hiding in it. Quite a different thing, altogether.”
❤“I shall endeavor to remember tea first, milk second. I should hate to cause another war between Britain and the Continent.”
“You look quite lovely tonight.” Oxford leaned in, and his smile broadened. Was it possible that the man had more than the usual number of teeth?
❤“You forget one of the most important tenets of London society.”
“Which is?”
“Wealthy, unmarried marquesses are always welcome back into the light.”
“Are you quoting the Bible to me?”
“Indeed,” she said primly, the portrait of piousness.
“While gambling.”
“What better location to attempt to reform one such as you?”
“Never doubt how beautiful you are, Callie. For your beauty has quite ruined me for all others. And, frankly, I rather wish I’d found you years ago.”
“Dear Lord,” Callie breathed.
“I’ve tried prayer myself,” Benedick said genially. “It doesn’t seem to work with her. I believe she’s made a deal with the Maker.”


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Accessories, Stickers and Kpop merch(mini Aliexpress haul)

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Hello, My Darlings! How are you all doing? If you didn’t know I love Aliexpress, and finally some of my orders came in(my last Aliexpress haul you can read here). And…I got a lot of great stuff, everything was under 5 euros .So very affordable. Let’s dive into it!


 pearl Barrettes /Hair Clip

Price – 1.66 euro($2,01)

Shipping to Latvia(EU)– 2 weeks, really fast!

Aren’t those beautiful?! I love fake pearls and when I saw those…I knew I need them in my life. Those are really well made, great quality, perfect for summer! And those hair clips came REALLY fast. Definitely will get some more.


Silver Color A-Z 26 Letters Initial  Rings

Price – 0.55 euro($0.64)

Shipping to Latvia(EU)– around a month

I have seen here and there those initial rings, and when I saw something similar on Aliexpress…I WAS SOOO HAPPY! And the price …UNDER 1 EURO! So of course I got myself one. I’m very glad I got it. The quality is good for the price, the shipping was okay.

 Sabrina Stickers 10 pcs

Price – 0.81 euro($0.94 )

Shipping to Latvia(EU) -around a month 

My newest obsession is Sabrina. Have you seen it? If not, you need to watch it. So I got some Sabrina stickers. You can’t decide what kind of stickers you get , but for the price that’s okay. Quality is AMAZING! Matt finish, pretty thick stickers. And I got the sticker I wanted(the Not Today, Satan).

15 Pcs  kpop Bigbang stickers 

Price – 1.78euro($2,16)

Shipping to Latvia(EU)-almost 2 months

If you didn’t know I’m a big BIGBANG fan. And this is my first “official” BIGBANG merch and I’m delighted I got it. The quality is almost the same as the Sabrina stickers, so it’s good. The shipping was slow…sadly. My only complaint is that I got 14 stickers and not 15…


Kpop Super Junior Poster

Price – 1.51 euro($1,83)

Shipping to Latvia(EU)-almost 2 months (around 35 days)

Another legendary Kpop group I love…and FINALLY, I own a good quality poster. Super excited about it(hehe, see what I did there?!). So I got A4 (30cmX21cm), it came with special stickers for the wall but I decided to put it in a frame. Overall would totally recommend this store and of course this poster.



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Avon “Luck” for Her Eau de Parfum-review


Sparkling citrus and luscious berries blended with creamy white florals and warm sandalwood.

  • Top: Pink Pepper
  • Heart: Nutmeg
  • Base: Sandalwood Essence

My thoughts :

I got this perfume for myself as a Christmas gift. The price was 4.99 euro for 30ml, so very affordable.


I got the 30 ml version, so the packaging is average. It’s a solid glass bottle(a little bit heavy and that’s amazing). The 50 ml bottle is MUCH cuter(it has a bow on it), but the cardboard box of this one is such good quality(very sturdy), I’m impressed.

Quality and Scent

The quality of the perfume is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! It stays on my skin a whole day, like around 8h. But on my clothes, it stays even longer, like 24h. I’m so happy with it. The scent is great too, it’s sweet but not overbearing. I love Sandalwood and you can really smell in this perfume.


4 stars
  • long-lasting
  • great for everyday use
  • Affordable
  • you can get 30 ml or 50 ml
  • Great gift idea
  • Travel friendly
  • You can’t buy it in a store, just from a representative

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It’s New Year and I’m overwhealmed…(I’m back!)

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Hello My Darlings!How are you all doing? I’m so sorry for being away for some time..but First of all…Happy NEW YEAR!

Hope this year started amazingly and all of your wishes will come true.

Amazing 2021 Happy New Year Gif Animation

Let’s talk a little bit about Why I was away.  So…the short answer- I got overwhelmed with everything. The cases of Covid-19 in Latvia are in all time high and our government decided to do a total lockdown,yes we had a lockdown before…but this one was(and still is) much more stricter and they announced it a day before it started, one of the big “deals” was that all stores will be closed and you could buy just the essentials (like groceries) until 13.February…overwhelming gifs | WiffleGifSo you can imagine what happened that particular day (a week before Christmas). But…it wasn’t the end (of course…why should it be?!)A day before New Years eve…we got a CURFEW.Like…no one can be outside after 22:00 at night and before 05:00 at morning. For like a week…And at the same time my everyday life was very GO GO GO .You can imagine how hectic it all was and still is.Marilyn Monroe pouring champagne. celebration gif | Marilyn monroe gif,  Marilyn, Marilyn monroe


But on the brighter note – This was the first New Year I didn’t spend with my family ,but with my boyfriend(and yes…I have a boyfriend…very unexpectedly…like REALLY UNEXPECTEDLY) and my friends and family really outdid themselves this year and got me some really cool stuff for Christmas(post coming soon). Basically December and the start of January was unexpected ,hopeful and busy.


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Tell me in the comments, How started your New Year?

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December Bullet Journal- yes,I’m doing it again!

Hello, My Darlings! How are you all doing? Hope this week started amazingly. So…I’m doing it again. Guess Bullet Journaling is my new hobby now. I tried Buju for the second time last month(you can find it here) and it really worked for me.

Let’s see my spreads for the month.

Disclaimer – I’m bad at art

This month my theme was Christmas! I’m so excited about Christmas…you have no idea. So for the title page, I decided to do Christmas trees and little snowflakes.


For the weekly spread, I decided to do minimalistic Christmas lights. I really liked how it turned out.

Christmas Gift List 

Christmas is near…and of course, planning gifts is important. How you can see I’m already writing something in those little tags.


I did this Kdrama-tracker last month and it worked A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-L-Y! I loved keeping track of everything I watched.


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Tell me in the comments, What’s your favorite holiday?

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“18 again” was very sweet – kdrama review


Jung Da-Jung (Kim Ha-Neul) is married to 37-year-old Hong Dae-Young (Yoon Sang-Hyun). They have have 18-year-old son and daughter. Jung Da-Jung works hard as a rookie announcer and she has a warm heart. She becomes completely fed up with her husband and is unable to deal with him anymore. Hong Dae-Young got fired from his job and he is looked down upon by his family. Jung Da-Jung hands him divorce papers.

average-girll Tumblr Blog | Tumgir

Meanwhile, Hong Dae-Young looks at himself as an ordinary jobless middle-aged man. He regrets his life. At that moment, his body changes into that of an 18-year-old year old person, while his mind is still that of his 37-year-old self. Back in his teenage days, Hong Dae-Young (Lee Do-Hyun) was an excellent basketball player and also popular. Now, with his regained 18-year-old body, he changes his name to Ko Woo-Young and begins to live a new life.jtbc eighteen again | Tumblr

  • Drama: 18 Again
  • Hangul: 18 어게인
  • Director: Ha Byung-Hoon
  • Writer: Kim Do-Yeon, An Eun-Bin, Choi Yi-Ryun
  • Network: JTBC
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: September 7 – November 10, 2020
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea



If you have watched 17 again with Zac Efron then you already know the story. In my opinion, it’s even better than the movie. This drama had more “soul”, the acting was phenomenal and the soundtrack was amazing!

4 stars

kim ha neul | Tumblr


We had a lot of romantic relationships in this drama and I can say…they all had chemistry and that’s pretty amazing. Will not spoil any further.

kdramasdiary - dogfur Tumblr Blog | Tumgir


*Mild Spoilers*

It was such a beautiful ending , I did cry…..a little…Would definitely recommend if you want something romantic and heartwarming.

han so eun | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir

Watch it here

VIKI / NETFLIX / DramaCool


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Tell me in the comments, Have you seen this drama?

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I’m trying bullet journaling…(again)

Hello, my darling! How are you? How’s November treating you? So…I’m trying bullet journaling, yes, it was a mess last time(here is a post about)…but I’m learning from my mistakes and I’m doing it again. Let’s see my spreads for the month.

Disclaimer – I’m bad at art


Title Page

For the theme, I decided to go with Rain. I could go very patriotic for November(It’s Latvia’s independence day in November), but I’m not good at drawing so decided to go with something more…easy.



The Spread 

Decided on boxes for the weekly spreads with little clouds on them….Isn’t it cute?


Instagram spread

This is not only for November, but this year(and maybe the next). It’s a growth tracker for Instagram(my bookstagram you can find here).




If you didn’t know, I love Kdramas…and I watch a lot of them. This is a great way to keep track of everything I watch(and it’s cute…). It works amazingly and I love this idea.


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Tell me in the comments, Have you ever tried bullet journaling?

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Accessories from AliExpress – haul

All the goodies I got!


Hello, my darlings! I’m back to you with a haul, an Aliexpress haul to be exact.If you don’t know about Aliexpress,that’s basically like eBay but safer in my opinion. I got a bunch of little stuff(and have some more coming, so will definitely do a second part). Everything is under 2 euros, so very affordable. Hope you enjoy it!

Everything I got with my own money and the links are not affiliated.

Big Size Velvet Bow Hair Clips


The price I paid -0 97 euro

Shipping was free

I’m in love with this bow! It’s sooo cute, and so well done. It’s pretty big and feels really secure in my hair. Overall very happy!

RscvonM crystal hoop earrings


The price I paid -0.82 euro

Shipping was free

When I first saw them I thought they are made of glass or something similar, because those earrings catch the light very beautifully. But no…it’s the good old plastic and I’m not mad about it. The quality is okay, are much lighter than they look and that’s amazing! Overall great earrings for the price.

Rabbit Ears Hair Scrunchie


The price I paid -0.89 euro

Shipping was free

I got this as an experiment. I don’t like scrunchies, but this looked soooo cute on the model. And what can I say…I LOVE IT!!! This looks so cute on me. Definitely a favorite.

Two Color Cabochon Earring Base


The price I paid for earring base(mix 10 mm)- 0.69 euro

The price I paid for clear glass(24 pcs,10 mm)-0.78 euro

Shipping was free

I got both of those from the same seller, shipping was super fast at this time and I really appreciated it. The quality isn’t the best , but for the price I’m okay. I got those to make some cute earrings as Christmas gifts for my friends, if you would love to see a “tutorial” definitely tell me in the comments down below.




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Tell me in the comments, Do you like online shopping?

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