FOCALLURE 2 IN 1 Waterproof Mascara and Primer – review(well…more like a first expression)

About the Product :

Mascara & Fiber eyelash primer 2 in 1 – Classic spiral head, the brush head gaps will be full with microfiber that will help you to create a separate not cross eyelash effect easily. – Very fine eyelash primer is rich in fiber, which can be evenly attached to each eyelash, helping to achieve the most natural and long eyelash makeup effect. -3X lengthen eyelashes – The formula is 100% waterproof and sweat proof.


You can Find this product here :Aliexpress

My thoughts :


The mascara came in a beautiful sealed box with all the ingrediant list and information. The actual mascara tube is made from very sturdy plastic.I really like that the parts Lashprimer and Mascara are labeled.

On the box you can find a QR code and scratch number to make sure your product is original . Such a great idea and truly ,mine was original!And of course the “best before” is a good thing too.


The first you put on Primer. I do around 3/4 coats of it on my lashes. It has little fibers in it ,and they do get into your eyes. It’s not the most pleasant experience,but it’s nothing critical.

After it, we get to the mascara. The want looks pretty average, but the way it’s curved…that’s something new. It’s slightly angled, so you can really get into the corners of your eyes.

What can I say about the application…it’s easy but time-consuming. It’s not bam and ready. You truly need like 5 min just for the mascara(and even more if you are using the primer), and in the mornings sometimes it’s not an option. Another not the greatest thing…it’s messy. But, it’s truly waterproof…like you can go swimming with it and it’s still in your eyes! And it tear-proof(I tested it a few times…don”t ask)

  • long-lasting
  • Waterproof
  • Affordable
  • Great gift idea
  • Travel friendly
  • It’s messy

Overall I really like it and liked it!It’s such a great mascara for summer.


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Tell me in the comments, Have you tried it?

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Douglas “Volume Obsession Volumising Mascara”-review

You can find this mascara here.


20190106_142756_357Hello, my darlings! How are you all doing? It’s such a beautiful day outside today, it’s snowing! Ahh, I love snow. So today I want to talk about a new mascara I’m trying it out for a month and I can say …it’s amazing. Let’s dive right into it.


82349c0831fd995dec23a0fa1849e3dbLow price and big volume – such promise of eyelash mascara Volume Obsession for you! Tufted Volume Obsession increases the volume of eyelashes, but does not clump and make clumps. The wand is cylindrical with a pointed tip to reach the corners of the eye and multiply the inner lashes. The correct amount of mascara falls on the eyelashes. Mascara applied with mild bristles penetrates the hair and evenly distributes the product. Tush Volume Obsession has 3 colors: black, brown and blue to satisfy every need and desire.



4/5 stars

1280px-4_stars.svg (1)

It’s pretty classical, but with a twist. I like how visually the mascara looks. (I have it in the color black)

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The wand and Formula

5/5 stars


The want is amazing! It coats every eyelash and it’s easy to build up . And the most important thing…NO CLUMPS OR SPIDERLEGS! It’s amazing and long lasting.

KODAK Digital Still Camera


5/5 stars 


I’m very happy with it. The price is good and I would say even affordable. The quality is great, I’m happy with it and will definitely try more mascaras from the Douglas brand.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Tell me in the comments, What’s your favorite mascara?

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Essence The Lash Curler Mascara review

The manufacturer promises:crazy curl! the lash curler is a new mascara innovation and has a manually rotating brush. unique on the market, the brush can be twisted manually as needed – sometimes more and sometimes less – while you apply your mascara to create extraordinary curl and volume. since the curl mascara is twisted by hand, it doesn’t require batteries. an absolute eye-catcher that’s fun, too! opthalmologically tested.

My Thoughts:

Shade:4/5 stars



Very pigmented black

The Wand:5/5 stars


I love it!The tip is so good or my lashes in inner corners!


The Formula: 4/5


Okay, so it will not give you the crazy fake lash effect, but more natural look.I like it , it’s not clumpy, goes on pretty smoothly.But with all that ”curler thing” it can get messy if you are in hurry.


Overall:4/5 stars


I like it!It’s fun to use.And I like the packaging.Will I repurchase it?Maybe.


Tell me have you tried this mascara?

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Clinique High Impact Mascara review

I decided to splurge a little and treat myself buying an expensive mascara on my trip to Stockholm.After a long “window shopping ” at the cruise ship duty-free store, I got this one.I loved the packaging and Clinique is one of my favorite “high end” brand.I have been tasting it for fee months and here are my thoughts, but first…

The manufacturer promises:

  • Benefits: Volumized
  • Kicks up the volume and length of each and every lash.
  • Pure, deep colour only adds to the impact.
  • Lashes get instant volume and length.
  • Ophthalmologist tested.


My Thoughts:
Shade:5/5 stars 
shade maskara
Very rich black color.

The Wand: 4/5 stars 


mascara 1

Really generic, but still good.Helps you to comb your lashes from the base of lashes till the end.Gives natural lashes look.

The Formula: 3,5/5


Very liquidy, if you start to blink right after applying the mascara it will smudge…a lot.And it doesn’t really give you the volume it claims to give.But it’s long lasting, that’s always a plus.

My Final Thoughts:


If you need something that will give you the “I don’t have makeup on” look and you can splurge on mascara then this one is for you.Will I repurchase it?Not really…it’s too expensive and I like having more volume on my lashes. I have some other drugstore ones I liked more(for myself )then this one.Is it a bad mascara?No, it, I did enjoy it and still am, it’s just too expensive.

So tell me in comments,

What’s your favorite mascara?

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