“The Call”-Chill bringing Korean Thriller I loved

About The Movie:

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The Call (Korean: 콜; RR: Kol), also known as Call, is a 2020 South Korean thriller film directed by Lee Chung-hyun, starring Park Shin-hye and Jeon Jong-seo. Based on the 2011 British and Puerto Rican film The Caller, The Call revolves around Seo-yeon (If you are looking for something mind-bending, intriguing, and unexpected then this is for you! It does explore the question-what of you could stop something awful from happening? Is it worth it?) and Young-sook (Jeon Jong-seo), two women from different times who connect through a phone call which interchanges their fates. The film is originally to be released theatrically but cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic. It was released on Netflix globally on November 27, 2020.

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Thanks to Netflix I watched this one and I honestly loved it. Park Shin-Hye did an amazing job, I love her so much(she is such a talented actress). The last movie I watch with her as the main protagonist was #ALIVE(and it was amazing).Also, the actress Jeon Jong-seo who played the girl from “past” was super good in her role. Uhhhh it was great,would recommend it for a evening after work watch. Just keep in mind …there are lots of blood and maybe some missing body parts.

4 stars

If you are looking for something mind-bending, intriguing, and unexpected then this is for you! It does explore the question –what if you could stop something awful from happening?Would you stop it and Is it worth it?



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The First Zombie Movie I liked!-#ALIVE movie review

About the Movie:

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A city is infected by a mysterious virus, which causes the city to spiral out of control. Joon-Woo (Yoo Ah-In) and Yoo-Bin (Park Shin-Hye) struggle to survive in an isolated apartment complex from those infected with the virus. Everything including the internet, phone, and electricity has been disconnected around the apartment.

  • Hangul: #살아있다
  • Director: Jo Il-Hyeong
  • Writer: Matt Naylor, Jo Il-Hyeong
  • Producer: Oh Hyo-Jin, Lee Yoo-Jin, Kim Sae-Mi
  • Cinematographer: Son Won-Ho
  • Release Date: June 24, 2020
  • Runtime: 98 min.
  • Genre: Zombie
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


ALIVE 2020 Tumblr posts - Tumbral.comWOW! I’m impressed! The first zombie movie I actually enjoyed. Let’s start from the beginning … So on one of our date nights my boyfriend was browsing Netflix for something to watch together, and he found this one. I wasn’t really excited…because of zombies(I hate Zombies with a passion), but when I saw the actors…alive (2020) | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | TumgirI knew we NEED to watch it. I loved Yoo Ah-In in Chicago Typewriter and the darling Park Shin-Hye (she was in kdramas like –Pinocchio , Flower Boy Next Door, Heartstrings) is my favorite actress EVER! And guys…THIS WAS AMAZING. Truly! The story was very interesting, and it had a unique thing- most of the “action” happens in an apartment complex. Was it gory? Yes! Was it overall gory? Yes and No! Like, it was bearable even for me a person who gets scared pretty easily. Overall I would recommend for you to check it out.


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Christmas in May – “Enchanted Christmas” movie review


Young widow Laura Trudeau (Alexa PenaVega) was a remarkable dancer. As a project manager she is tasked with renovating a dilapidated lodge in her hometown of Rosemont, Utah and have it ready by Christmas Eve. She is stunned to discover it’s the same lodge where she and her former love and dance partner Ricardo Archuleta (PenaVega) performed each Christmas. While surveying the property Laura comes face-to-face with Ricardo shocked to discover he is rehearsing the shows grand finale with his new dance partner Taylor. When Taylor has an audition abroad, Laura temporarily steps in and finds herself back in Ricardo’s arms. Feelings begin to resurface in the hope of rekindling their romance just as Taylor returns with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Ricardo. Laura, not wanting to get in the way of Carlos dream, encourages him to go. Now with both the hotel opening and the show in jeopardy Laura is faced with having to make some difficult decisions, both personally and professionally.




MV5BOGNjZDg4OWMtYzFhOS00Y2VjLWJkMDktM2U3ZTZlMDg3NmE2XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMjYwMjg2MzI@._V1_ (1)It’s pretty simple plot. A girl from a big city,comes home to her small town and there rekindles her relationship with an ex-flame.  Pretty cliche,not mad at it. I really loved the daughter of Laura ,she was the cutest. lejupielāde (1)But…the actual movie was boring…Yes,I said it, it’s boring. Like it wasn’t bad,just not the most interesting Christmas movie I have seen.

3 out of 5 stars!






giphy (18)Our main couple is married in real life,so I was very surprised ,because the chemistry was flat. I don’t know what happened but the whole movie the relationship felt just meh.




It’s a Christmas movie,so logical it’s a happy ending . I wasn’t mad at it,it was cute.

Enchanted Christmas Final Photo Assets


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