Summer Adventure in “Ceciļu” nature trail

Hello, My Darlings! How are you all doing? This summer I and Boyfriend are having the time of our life traveling all over Latvia. One of the last adventures we had was in Cecilu nature trail near Ieriķi. It was themed by the local legend of a devil and his two wifes’ witches who lived there.

We walked the “short” trail of 2,5 km. And Can say it was hard, because of the heat(it was around 34C ) and mosquitos (thank you God for the spray), but guys…it was sooo beautiful. There was a mini waterfall and a “secret forest house” you needed to find.

To be honest, I wasn’t dressed appropriately(the whole trip was very spontaneous).So the whole hike was in a pencil skirt…at least I looked very cute.

Overall we had a ton of fun and I would totally recommend for you to check it out if you are in Latvia.



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