My Unexpected trip to Ukraine last week!

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Hello, my Darlings!I’m back! April was literally one of the craziest months I ever had. I had two trips one to Sweden for work and other to Ukraine …and between both of those I got sick, had a very high fever ….it was crazy. That’s why I didn’t post anything, but now my vacation is starting so I’m finally getting back to blogging. I missed you so much!!!


So how did we decide to go? Because my mom’s sister called and invited us to come and celebrate Orthodox Easter (It’s the same Easter but celebrated a week later).

half of our stuff

I had a high fever at that time, so we waited for the last minute to decide are we going or no…and we decided to go.

in the Bus

I haven’t been to Ukraine for more than 7 years, I was excited to travel by bus and experience everything l remember doing every summer in my childhood.




The main Square in Lutsk.

The trip was hard,20 hours on a bus is a lot, but the view was amazing. We did travel thru Lithuania and Poland and nature was spectacular. I enjoyed that a lot. So I was in Ukraine(Lutsk) for a week, sadly we didn’t do a lot of sightseeing because we all were so tired from Sweden.

With my aunt, mom, and brother

But I did spend time with my cousin and my aunt, Celebrated Easter with some blessed eggs and Kulich(traditional for Ukraine),

With my Cousin


we did go for burgers, just chilled and talked. It was nice to just spend time with family that I haven’t seen for years. I did a little shopping so stay tuned for a haul post. I had an amazing time, and I’m so glad we had the opportunity to go.



Tell me in the comments, How was your April?

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*Free events to Check out this December in Riga*-Blogmas day 9

Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash

giphy (4)Hello!I’m back my darlings, It’s day 9 of Blogmas. How are you all doing? Hope the weather is treating you right . Today I want to be a little bit patriotic and talk about some events in Riga, Latvia. If you are in Riga this December here are some events you can check out! Hope you will find it helpful…Let’s start!


3277798_uYYAwOFrom 07.12.2018. till 13.01.2019. in Riga

An official website you can find here


Landscape object Festival “The Way Through the Christmas Tree” is winter’s most courageous, stylish, and original urban art event! It is an event that strengthens the city’s legend; which states that the first ever decorated Christmas Tree in the world was in Riga.

Landscape object Festival “The Way Through the Christmas Tree”, that takes place in Riga, has realized 162 professional and upcoming artist projects over its 7 years of existence. The festival accents the public’s creative manifestations within the city, creating esthetic design objects. Currently it is the only urban art and landscape design project of its kind in all of Europe; which during Christmas transforms Riga into an interesting and a distinct place from other country’s cities. This year, the festival promises to surprise, provoke, and, of course, entertain!


sh_319149503-Riga-Christmas-Market-EDIT-2000x1200Old Riga Christmas market

from December 1, 2018 – January 6, 2019

An official website for more information you can find here

List of all vendors you can find here


Bluka-vilkšanaLog Evening in the Old Town

December 21,2018

Place-The town Hall Square

Latvian Christmas celebration, burning of a bull in the Town Hall Square Folklore groups from Riga and Latvia are participating.

If you want to see some Latvian winter traditions, then this event is for you.

  • More events you can find here 

Tell me in the comments, Are you traveling this Holiday season?

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