My Unexpected trip to Ukraine last week!

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Hello, my Darlings!I’m back! April was literally one of the craziest months I ever had. I had two trips one to Sweden for work and other to Ukraine …and between both of those I got sick, had a very high fever ….it was crazy. That’s why I didn’t post anything, but now my vacation is starting so I’m finally getting back to blogging. I missed you so much!!!


So how did we decide to go? Because my mom’s sister called and invited us to come and celebrate Orthodox Easter (It’s the same Easter but celebrated a week later).

half of our stuff

I had a high fever at that time, so we waited for the last minute to decide are we going or no…and we decided to go.

in the Bus

I haven’t been to Ukraine for more than 7 years, I was excited to travel by bus and experience everything l remember doing every summer in my childhood.




The main Square in Lutsk.

The trip was hard,20 hours on a bus is a lot, but the view was amazing. We did travel thru Lithuania and Poland and nature was spectacular. I enjoyed that a lot. So I was in Ukraine(Lutsk) for a week, sadly we didn’t do a lot of sightseeing because we all were so tired from Sweden.

With my aunt, mom, and brother

But I did spend time with my cousin and my aunt, Celebrated Easter with some blessed eggs and Kulich(traditional for Ukraine),

With my Cousin


we did go for burgers, just chilled and talked. It was nice to just spend time with family that I haven’t seen for years. I did a little shopping so stay tuned for a haul post. I had an amazing time, and I’m so glad we had the opportunity to go.



Tell me in the comments, How was your April?

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“Starting The Holiday season with a Concert”-Blogmas day 15

Photo by Sean Wells on Unsplash

46445966_2337102256364005_5393320373527773184_n (1)Hello, my Darlings! How are you all doing? It’s just 9 days till Christmas, Can you believe it?! How are we already here? My mind is blown away with how was the time is going.48277337_2380605325347031_6697343152639967232_n Last week we had a concert in Adazi(it’s a town in Latvia, 40 km from Riga).To us came a dance collective from Ukraine called ‘Tornado” , with their Christmas program. Our Organisation “Ukrainian center for youth and children in Latvia” with the help of Ukrainian NGO “Flower of Hope” from Harkov made it happen.48180409_2380605662013664_3325240375794204672_n (1) It was such an amazing concert, with beautiful costumes and colorful dance moves .48378804_2380604742013756_3570504539066859520_n (1) We had an opportunity to meet and see one of the famous Step dancers(and actors) in Latvia Maris Puris and his dance school performing step-dance, I have never seen it in real life and I was blown away with how interesting it is. It was a great time and a great concert!I hope next year we will do something like this again.

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Різдвяна казка 2018 З 8.12 по 12.12 в Латвії перебувають учасники Народного естрадного колектива "Торнадо" з Харкова. 9.12 в Адажському культурному центрі відбувся спільний концерт ансамблю"Торнадо"і учнів 2 та 3 танцювального класу Адажської мистецької школи під керівництвом корифея степу в Латвії,актора і великого друга України Маріса Пуріса. Глядачі мали змогу насолодитись прекрасним концертом. Після концерту відбувся майстер клас зі степу,який провів Маріс Пyріс.Діти і дорослі змогли ознайомитись з роботою Мистецької школи,поспілкуватись з викладачами та учнями школи. Учасники концерту отримали подарунки. Приємною несподіванкою для гостей з Уkраїни стало підняття прапора України біля культурного центру м.Адажи. В програмі перебування ансамлю"Торнадо"круїз в Стокгольм ,екскурсії ,зустрічі з ровеснками. Ця подорож відбулась завдяки багатолітній співпраці Українського центру молоді і дітей в Латвії та Харківської обласної молодіжної організації "Квітка надії"(керівник Наталія Гоєнко) та програми Народної дипломатії,яку реалізує Український центр молоді і дітей Латвії з 2011 року.мета якої є "показати Європу з сердини" 📷- Linda Lancmane #ukraine #ukrainiandiaspora #dance #latvia #ukrainiansinlatvia #ukrainascentrsjauniešiemunberniemlatvija #youth #NVO #ādaži

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Tell me in the comments,Have you been to a Holiday concert already?

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Remembering the Baltic way…

blogam10Hello my lovelies! How are you all doing? I had a very eventful week. On the 23rd August was Baltic Way “Anniversary” and just like last year I had the opportunity to “look pretty” in a Ukrainian folk costume. The same as last year people everyone could light a candle in the road as a tribute to Baltic Way.

So What is Baltic Way?

15948__51a6f33e18cd2.jpgThe Baltic Way or Baltic Chain (also Chain of Freedom, Estonian: Balti kett, Latvian: Baltijas ceļš, Lithuanian: Baltijos kelias, Russian: Балтийский путь) was a peaceful political demonstration that occurred on 23 August 1989. 1408687904_bcApproximately two million people joined their hands to form a human chain spanning 675.5 kilometers (419.7 mi) across the three Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, considered at the time to be constituent republics of the Soviet Union.The demonstration originated in “Black Ribbon Day” protests held in the western cities in the 1980s. It marked the 50th anniversary of the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. The pact and its secret protocols divided Eastern Europe into spheres of influence and led to the occupation of the Baltic states in 1940. More about that you can read here.

Here some random photos from the Event!

I had a lot of fun and I’m thankful to all the people who took a picture with me or of me! It was an amazing event and I’m very thankful to be part of it. Post about last year you can find here .



Tell me in the comments,How was your week?

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Where have I been!

23709bee8a55Hello, my darlings!I’m back for good.Did you miss me? .Finally, my fever is back to normal (all last week I had fever 39.5 C, basically I was very sick) and I can sit down to write Where have I been! So basically from 12. April till 15. April I had a very big event called “Ukrainian days on the Baltic Sea” (a festival in Riga and then on the cruise ship Tallink )and28zlpw I was part of the Organization Committee and the person behind events scenarios, we had 200 international guests overall (so you can imagine how busy I was those days). In the first day 28zlvkwe had a concert in Riga, then the next day one in Riga and other on the cruise ship Tallink. And the day after that another concert on the ship. We had amazing concerts and festival overall(very thankful to all of the team working on it for months

28zku5I was lucky to go to Stockholm as part of the event and had a little sightseeing there(+ I did a little shopping on the ship so look out for a haul post).The weather was great, so of course, I stuffed myself full of ice cream(big mistake)because I got home with a very high fever. That’s in two words where I was and what did I do.



Tell me in the comments, How was your week?What’s new in your life?

That’s it from me

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Skincare mini haul

giphy (1)Hello beautiful people!I hope you all had a great week.Who else is getting into Christmas mood(or is that just me)? Last week for me was …”fun” one, My old tablet died and I wasn’t able to save any photos or notes from there..that’s why my blog was a little quieter then I would like. But there is no bad without good(old Slavic saying) and my mom(bless her soul) got me a new phone as an early Christmas gift.That’s why I’m back today with a mini skincare haul from my local drugstore that carries brands from Eastern Europe and the “Dzintars” Latvian cosmetic store. Hope you enjoy!



Can we just all appreciate the quality of the much better!


So …What I got!



Dr. Sante Cucumber Balance Control.

Mineral Face Mask

Mineral Face Mask is produced by the Ukrainian cosmetic company Elfa for its Dr. Sante Cucumber Balance Control series. The product is formulated with white clay (kaolin). It helps to improve complexion and reduce pore size, making your skin noticeably smoother. The mask regulates sebum secretion and has a matte effect on oily and combination skin.

My thoughts: I have an eye cream from this line, so I did buy this just because I like the cream so much. I like the texture, can’t really say about the effect of using it, you need time for that to show.Overall I like it, and the price is very nice.



Cream All-in-1 Acnacid Reduces Inflammation for Acne 50ml Elfa Pharm

Cream All-in-1
For problematic skin
Shown during the acne and post-acne
It controls the sebaceous glands
Reduces inflammation
For everyday use

My thoughts: It’s not my first time getting this, It’s an okay face cream from acne prone skin.It’s not the best I ever used, but it’s pretty decent for the price.


Dzintars-Kredo lux Lipstick in the color T76

A wide range of trendy mat and mother-of-pearl shades allows choosing the desired color and stressing your individuality in accordance with your style, taste, and mood. Formula based on natural substances with vitamins and moisturizing ingredients that gives your lips a feeling of comfort. Lipstick Kredo Lux gives lips a moist shine and has a pleasant fruity aroma.

My thoughts: I just am in love with the color(it’s a little darker than my natural lip color) and how it feels on my lips, so creamy.The perfect lipstick for cold weather, your lips will stay hydrated and it does stay on lips for some time.The price is great and the lipstick is good, will buy some more.


Koķete 5 Perfume

Lily of the valley and velvety violet freshness on the spices and cinnamon background.
Top notes: lily-of-the-valley, violet, jasmine
”Heart” notes: ginger, tiramisu, ylang-ylang
Final notes: cinnamon, amber, coriander
My thoughts: Guys I love this perfume, it’s now one of my favorites.It’s so affordable and it stays on ALL DAY! Everyone is always asking what perfume I use, and the answer is this one!
Tell me in the comments, What is on your skincare wishlist right now and why?
That’s it from me
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