Throwback to Summer”Trip to Sigulda”-Blogtober day 13

Hello, My Darlings! It’s day 13 of Blogtober and we are looking back to some fun summer memories. This summer I was lucky enough to travel Latvia with my darling Boyfriend. One of my favorite trips was to Sigulda, with so much history and beautiful nature.

Gutma’s Cave-The oldes tourist attraction in Latvia

This is the widest and highest cave in the Baltic.Tourists have wished to leave “decorations” such as names, initials, and the dates of their trips inscribed on the cave’s walls since the cave’s inception. You can see coats of arms and names of numerous barons and estate owners inside the cave.

Local craftsmen would wait for wealthier tourists near the cave with tools, stepladders, and templates to make these to order for a price.

Now the cave is a protected archeological and geological monument, so no writing on the walls.

The Krimulda Castle

The Krimulda Castle is located just outside Sigulda, Sigulda municipality, Latvia, and is a tourist attraction. The castle dates from the 14th century and was destroyed in a war in 1601 and it still stands, and the view from it is beautiful.

Inside the castle

Krimuldas Church-The oldest church in Latvia

Built-in 1205, this ancient church is the oldest functioning house of worship in Latvia. It is closely associated with the Livonian chieftain Kaupo who is either buried in or nearby the church depending on which sources you choose to believe. Kaupo was the first important tribal chief in the area to embrace the Christian faith and even made a pilgrimage to Rome where Pope Innocent III received him and recognized him as the ruler of the Livonian tribes in present-day Latvia.

He left with a gift of gold with which he build the church. It’s located in a beautiful area surrounded by streams, forests, and nature trails as well as the 18th-century Minister’s House accessible by a wooden pedestrian bridge. Truly an amazing place , a beautiful one too.

Overall I would highly recommend you to visit Sigulda when traveling to Latvia. It’s beautiful and full of history(and you will definitely take instagram worthy photos).


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Tell me in the comments, What’s your most memorable summer trip?

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