My 2020 New Year Resolutions and Why I failed my 2019 Resolutions…

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Hello, My Darlings!And Hey if you are new here, it’s so nice to see you on my blog. The New 2020 year is getting closer and closer that means it’s the time of Resolutions. Did you keep yours? Because I didn’t(well okay I did keep some, at least I tried). My reasoning? I had the wrong motivation for some of them(like learn Spanish, I wanted to do it for a guy and lemme tell you it’s never a good idea). You can read my 2019 resolutions here! So this year I wanted to write things I’m actually excited about. Let’s dive into it!

  • Be More Active on my Blog

I love blogging and I do want to do it more regularly. I did try to be more active in 2019, and I kind of did. But with life getting busier and me not having as much time or inspiration I wasn’t as active as I wanted to be. So in 2020, I’m planning to get better with blogging schedule and post more high-quality posts for you!



  • Start a New And Useful Hobby (something like soap making, candle making or baking)

I have a lot of hobbies( like collecting dolls or reading books), but let’s be real they are nor very useful (as in not contributing to my life in a practical way). So in 2020 I’m planning to start a new hobby, will definitely let you know how’s it’s going.


  • Get deeper in my Faith

This is something I feel very inspired to do! And I can’t wait to really dive into Christianity from a historical and spiritual point of view.



Tell me in the comments,What’s your New Year Resolution?

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October Favorites (2019 edition)

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Hello My Darlings and Hey if you are new here! It’s so nice to see you on my blog! Let’s talk about October. I did Blogtober in October, to be honest, I did enjoy doing it, but Blogmas did bring me more joy last year. I think it’s because I do love Christmas(logic,it’s the most wonderful time of the year) much more than the fall season (and Fall holidays) and that’s okay. But it’s finally November and that means lots of Christmas related posts from me(So get ready for that). Sadly I can’t do Blogmas this year(because of work) but that doesn’t mean we are not going to get in Christmas mood on this blog! Starting with a new “signature” card(holiday-inspired). But now let’s dive into October Favorites!

October favorites 12



encanto body spray


This has an amazing scent(like a very rich, expensive kind of perfume)! Stays on my clothes for days. I use it like every day, “in-home” kind of scent and now I’m thinking of getting the actual perfume. Very happy with this purchase!Would recommend!






Fairy Godmother Gone Bad by Sadie Carter42423727._SY475_

My review you can find it here! Isn’t this cover gorgeous?! Overall simply an amazing book, very funny! Would recommend!




Tabasco Chipotle Hot Sauce 

I’m obsessed with this(like eating a second bottle kind of obsessed)! It’s so good with almost anything, not too hot, has an amazing smokey taste. Totally obsessed! But keep in mind it is a hot sauce if you can’t eat spicy food then it’s not for you.


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Tell me in the comments, What was your favorite song in October?

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New Milestone!*Thank You 750 Followers*

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Hello, My Darlings! And Hi if you are new here, My name is Anna and this is my tiny place on the internet where we talk about and other interesting things! I just wanted to quickly hop on here and say Thank You so much for 750 on WordPress (and 10+ by email) Followers. I’m so thankful for every single one of you who reads, likes and shares my posts! THANK YOU! 


Tell me in the comments, What are your favorite kind of posts by me?

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I Binge-Watched “High Society” for 24h straight, and I don’t regret it!

Yup, It’s not a clickbait title(I wish), I really Binge-Watched “High Society” for 24 hours. Am I Crazy?! Yes, yes I am! But did it feel good? Yes, it did.


So it all started yesterday when I was looking for something to watch. And I found “High Society”, decided to watch 2 episodes before bed and if I like it I would watch it tomorrow, that was the plan…I finished watching 11 episode 05:00 in the morning(and after 5 hours of sleep I finished watching the whole drama), how did it happen?! I don’t know, but this drama sucked me in. I laughed and cried, then laughed some more. And I can say that’s exactly what I needed, for some time my life was(and still is) going “slow”, and I’m in this “funk”, so this was something that I needed. Good emotions and a great storyline.

About the drama 

f8e98e199df4a38972a43517fb3963c5Jang Yoon-Ha is the youngest daughter of a chaebol (family-owned conglomeration). Even though her family is extremely wealthy, she holds a part-time job at a food market. She hides her background as an heiress and attempts to find a man that loves her for herself

You can watch it – here (for free)



NarrowThinBlackwidowspider-max-1mbI’m in love with Park Hyung-Sik! He was simply amazing in this drama, I loved him as  Yoo Chang-Soo (and his mom was gold). The main couple Jang Yoon-Ha(Uee) and Choi Joon-Gi(Sung Joon) was okay, they had great chemistry and the storyline was well written, sourcebut I was more invested in the relationship of  Yoo Chang-Soo(Park Hyung-Sik) and Lee Ji-Yi(Lim Ji-Yeon).

Definitely, recommend you to check this KDrama out!  

Tell me in the comments, What’s the last Tv-Show you watched?

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Q and A!

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Hello, My Darlings! How are you all doing?

Today we are doing a Q and A(Questions and Answers).

Thank you, everyone, who asked the questions.

Let’s dive into it!


1. In general, what are the life paths young adults usually take in Latvia?

Most Young Adults after finishing highschool go to university, after that start working, get married . Basically the usual, nothing special in it.

 2. If you could move away, where would you go? 

Oh, that’s a hard question, somewhere with lots of woods, and fresh air. I’m very happy living where I am now, because how safe and green it is, but it would be interesting to live for like a year in Panama.

3. Specifically, what inspired you to start this blog?

Other bloggers, Yes that’s a lame answer but that’s the truth. I remember reading Sui Princess blog and thinking how amazing it was to share your passion with others.

4. What do you work as and do you enjoy it?

I work for an NGO organization as an Art Director, basically, I make the scenarios for concerts, check the music and stuff like that. Do I enjoy it? I would say yes, it’s never boring.

5. What is your biggest fear?

Rats! Yup, I’m scared of them.

6. What five things would you take to an uninhabited island?

Sunscreen, a book about poisonous fruits/herbs, knife, magnifying glass, and matches.

7. What is your biggest regret?

I try to not regret anything if I have done something then it was the best I could at that time.


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And Again Thank you so much for all the support!

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Blogging for 3 Years -What have I learned

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Hello, My Darlings or Hey if you are new here!I’m Anna a beauty and lifestyle blogger from Latvia. How are you all doing? So if you didn’t know I started my blog in 2017, 3 years ago now. I have learned a lot at this time, and being a part of the blogging community did change my life in many ways. Let’s talk about some of those things I learned!


 Scheduling posts is a MUST

Feeling Inspired? Amazing…write until you drop and then schedule. Yes, I know sounds wild, but this is the way it works for me. If you don’t know WordPress has an amazing feature called Post Scheduling. Basically, you write when you can and/or feel inspired and then schedule for, let’s say next week and it will post it for you. This feature is one of my favorites and so important for me.


Planning, Planning and again Planning 

This is self-explanatory, we all have lives outside of Blogging (Family, Job, Friends, etc) so planning not only your posts but the time when you can write is important. I always write down 20 ideas what I want to write in the month, and then when I have time (and inspiration) I take one of those ideas and go with it. It does make my life a little bit easier.


Visual media is a great way to add on a story 

I know some people who don’t like to put lot’s of visual media in they’re posts and that’s totally cool. But for me…I love to put as much Gif’s as I can.Gif’s, videos,photos….those things can add SOOOO much to the story!

source (1).gif

Creepy stories help me write!

This one was such a random thing I learned about myself. I’m one of those people that need white noise,  It helps me to get in the “writing zone”.But creepy stories?! That was something new.

source (2).gif

Photos….learn to take them!

This was something I did know I need to learn, but I didn’t know how important it really was! Photos can make your post or break it, and you don’t get it before actually seeing it. So I’m trying to do my best and put up good quality content with beautiful photos.

giphy (9).gif

Tell me in the comments, My fellow Bloggers -How did your life change when you started blogging?

That’s it from me

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